We want to keep offering new exciting street food dishes every week, so we have  a streetfood menu. Some dishes will change, and other dishes will stay on the menu for a longer time. Our concept is to provide tasty food, at a decent price. Hope you enjoy it.

You can find an EXAMPLE  venue below:)

Bacon cheese burger

Bacon, cheddar cheese, Toasted bun & fries

 130 kr

Fish & chips

Our own beer battered cod, Homemade tartare sauce & fries

130 kr

Chorizo Hotdog

Spicy chorizo, Onion jam, Toasted hotdog bun, fries

110 kr

Sysne smoked prawns

Smoked prawns, Toasted bread, lime & tartare

145 kr

Chicken satay burger

Grilled chicken tenderloin, our own satay peanut sauce, Crispy greens on a toasted ciabatta, fries

130 kr

Vegetable Loaded fries

Fries loaded with oven roasted vegetables, garlic, basil & cheesy sauce

100 kr

 pulled pork loaded fries

Slow roast pork,

jalepenos, loads of cheese, shallot onion

130 kr


Tatter tots & chipotle mayonaise - 60 k

Side of salad- Greens, tomato, peppers, Balsamic glaze - 60 kr


Chocolate cake & whipped cream- 60 kr

Gute glass- 3 different types to choose from. - 40 kr

Our streetfood menu (EXAMPLE)

Our menu changes from week to week, but below is an example of dishes and pricing.

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